Major change in Zoo Interchange between 84th, Highway 100 begins Tuesday morning

MILWAUKEE -- There will be a major change in the Zoo Interchange beginning Tuesday, May 9th, between 84th Street and Highway 100.

First, the westbound 84th Street entrance ramp will only take you to I-41 north through late 2017, so if you want to access I-94 west, you should use the 70th Street entrance ramp, or take Bluemound Road to Moorland Road.

Secondly, if you're headed west, and want to get off on I-41 north, that decision point will be a half-mile earlier than it is now.

"If you use the on-ramp at 84th Street, you will not be able to access westbound I-94 until next spring, so it is a long-term closure. It's going to allow us to build a new on-ramp and connection with I-94," Michael Pyritz with the Wisconsin DOT said.

Now for the good news: Two big system ramps are reopening sometime before Memorial Day. They include eastbound I-94 onto northbound 41 and the ramp from 41 southbound to I-94 eastbound.