MAJOR BUST: Six people arrested after police intercept drug package, find surprise in home

PEWAUKEE (WITI) -- A big meth bust in Waukesha Co. Six people are arrested after drugs, moving through the mail, never get delivered. Instead, they're intercepted by police.

According to the criminal complaint, a postal inspector was tipped off that drugs were being shipped across the country through the mail. That's when the officer got a search warrant, intercepted the package, and searched it.

"It appears as though the packages were coming from California, and they were using some of the meth as well as distributing it," said Sargent Jeffrey Lenius, Pewaukee Police Department.

Officials say the contents tested positive for meth, so they got a warrant to search the house it was shipped to. Inside, police found drug paraphernalia and more packages.

Neighbor Renee Gordon, watched the massive drug bust near her normally quiet lake home.

"We heard three loud percussion grenades," said Gordon. "Thank god the police intervened."

Once inside police made another discovery, a 2-year-old child.

"It's heartbreaking to see a 2-year-old child in this kind of environment. Dirty, completely disorganized, and with this type of drug activity going on," said Lenius.

All of the people arrested from the home are facing criminal charges, and one is also facing child neglect charges.

The 2-year-old is currently with Children Protective Services.

The house that neighbors say they've been complaining to police about for the past year, is once quite again. As the drug bust took place, neighbors gave the police a standing ovation.

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