Madison woman outfits dog with protective vest made in California to ward off coyote attacks

MADISON -- After learning of several coyote sightings in her neighborhood, a Madison woman now outfits her dog with body armor.

Vest to ward off coyote attacks

The protective vest has spikes and covers the dog's mid-section.

Chris Ducommun purchased the vest from Coyote Vest Pet Body Armor.

"I feel more comfortable letting her out on her own and I think she feels pretty comfortable too. She doesn't have any trouble moving around in it. Hopefully coyotes think it's not worth venturing towards it. (Dogs) are party of the family. They really are one of us. They are really special, so we want ot keep them safe," Ducommun said.

It was created by a family in California who lost their dog in a coyote attack.

Still, veterinarians warn the vest doesn't provide complete protection -- and the best safety measure is to keep your dog on a leash, and keep a close eye on them.

Vest to ward off coyote attacks