Madison police prepare for Mifflin Street block party

MADISON -- Madison police are bracing for a big weekend. Saturday, May 5th is Cinco de Mayo, and also the annual Mifflin Street block party.

Madison Police Chief Noble Wray says he'd like to have a round table discussion regarding next year's Mifflin Street block party.

That round table would include a cross section of people, including UW-Madison students, police, UW officials and aldermen.

Although Chief Wray says he'd like for the block party to go away all together, at this point, there is little that can be done to prevent the party from taking place. However, officials are looking at ways to keep the party as safe as possible. "I would like for it to go away and I'm not backing  away from that, but if we don't plan for it...if we don't plan for it either to go away or to change venues or whatever it will be here again," Wray said.

The Madison Police Department has sent a letter to colleges, universities and even the Madison Metropolitan School District. In the letter, they outline what is expected and what penalties will be issued if those expectations are not met. "It's an effort to be transparent. To keep people informed. To make informed decisions about an issue that changes year to year," Wray said.

The Madison Metropolitan School District has asked its middle and high school principals to share whatever information they see fit about the annual bash with their students, faculty, staff and parents. "We want the city of Madison to be safe this weekend and as it pertains to our students it's an area that they really shouldn't be all," Joe Gothard with the Madison Metropolitan School District said.

The Madison Police Department says they expect 100 percent voluntary compliance with all city ordinances.

CLICK HERE to see a full list of rules via the Madison Police Department.