MADACC releases dog bite numbers from 2012

MILWAUKEE (WITI) -- MADACC, the Milwaukee Area Domestic Animal Control Commission has complied numbers regarding dog attacks in the Milwaukee area from 2012. This, after a toddler was attacked and killed by two pit bulls in Walworth County on Wednesday, March 6th.

Here are the numbers:

Number of Dogs Taken In Classified as “Bite Dogs”: 182

Total Number of Dogs Taken in By MADACC in 2012: 5,329

Percent of Dogs Taken in That Were Classified as “Bite Dogs”: 3.42%

Pit Bulls Taken in As Bite Dogs: 88

Other Breeds of Dogs Taken in As Bite Dogs: 94

Percent of “Bite Dogs” That Were Pit Bulls: 48.35%

Percent of Other Dogs Taken in Classified as “Bite Dogs”: 51.65%

Percent of Overall Dogs Taken in That Were Pit Bulls: 42.76%

Percent of Overall Dogs Taken In That Were Other Breeds: 57.24%

A MADACC spokesperson told FOX6 News people are more likely to bring in a pit bull if they are the owner and it bites them as opposed to a dog like a chihuahua.

MADACC does categorize the attacks based on severity, but it’s on paper and not readily available through a database.