MADACC 'adoptions are down' ahead of the holidays

Staff at Milwaukee Area Domestic Animal Control Commission (MADACC) want you to consider adoption if giving pets as gifts this holiday season.

MADACC Community Engagement Coordinator Kate Hartlund and her staff love what they do.

MADACC Community Engagement Coordinator Kate Hartlund

"We just love the animals. It's our passion," said Hartlund.

Like most of the year, MADACC is overflowing with dogs and cats ahead of the holidays.

"We're still getting the animals in, but adoptions are still down, which hurts us and the animals," said Hartlund. 

Hartlund said the Christmas season is a great time to add a furry friend to the family, but there is a way to go about it.

"Gift the items. Wrap up the dog bowls, the cat bowls, the leash, things like that. Let them open that gift, and then come down with them to choose the animal," said Hartlund. 

This allows the new owner to make a connection with the pet they choose.

There's also more to give your pet this season than squeaky toys and treats.

"Best gift for your pet: an up-to-date microchip and up-to-date tag on their collar," said Hartlund. "It's the gift that keeps on giving."

MADACC has many animals besides dogs and cats.

"Just sure you do your research, that they are the absolute right pet for you," said Kalli Jurack, a bunny foster parent.

Kalli Jurack, a bunny foster parent

MADACC has adoption hours every day of the week. They will have multiple adoption events throughout the holiday season. 

If you want more information, go to the MADACC website.