MADACC announces Valentine's Day adoption fee of $14

MILWAUKEE (WITI) -- Milwaukee Area Domestic Animal Control Commission (MADACC) has announced a first ever $14 adoption promotion for both dogs and cats scheduled for Valentine’s Day weekend, February 14 – February 16, 2014 in conjunction with a Best Friends Society national adoption promotion called “The One."

MADACC typically has many cats and large dogs available for adoption and in an effort to draw attention to the many animals there waiting for a new home; they decided it was time to participate in a low-fee event.

“Many shelters are not in favor of adopting out animals, especially dogs, at such low fees because there is a fear that adopters will not value the animal if there is not a higher fee associated with the adoption which might result in the animal being returned if there is a future high medical bill, or easily given away or returned. Research and experience tells us that this is absolutely not the case,” said Laura Nigbur, MADACC’s Community Outreach Director. MADACC takes in approximately 13,000 animals each year and currently only has a limited adoption program focused on large dogs and cats.

"Any given day at MADACC you will find us with a large population of cats and large dogs, mostly dogs that look like pit-bull terriers or mixes. In fact, last year 45% of the dogs we took in fell into that category. We also take in almost 7,000 cats each year. It is important for us to raise awareness in the community that we can adopt these animals out to the public, and we have incredible animals here that truly deserve a second chance." Nigbur noted.

MADACC is working hard to reach out to all municipalities in Milwaukee County to promote their low cost spay/neuter program, low cost microchipping, and everyday low adoption fees.

MADACC has selected a group of 15 amazing dogs and some wonderful adult cats to participate in this one time adoption promotion. Normally the adoption fee for a dog at MADACC is $100, which is already one of the best values in town. Adult cats are normally $25. This promotion, which is being sponsored and subsidized by Friends of MADACC, the not-for profit organization that supports MADACC, will allow for $14 adoption fees for this weekend only.

For those interested in taking advantage of this opportunity to find love at MADACC this weekend, you are encouraged to fill out an application available online on MADACC’s website or stop by in-person to fill out an application. As long as you start the process this weekend, you will be eligible for the reduced fee on the animals participating in this program. The application can be found at

“We hope that people will start looking more at the animals at MADACC when they are considering adopting a new family member. Our adoptable animals have been sterilized, are up to date with vaccines, and have been examined by a veterinarian just like at any traditional humane society or shelter,” Nigbur stated. “We are an underutilized resource by most of the residents of Milwaukee County and we are working hard to change that.”