'Lucky to be alive:' Milwaukee family reeling after home ruined by airborne vehicle

MILWAUKEE -- A man was taken into custody after a vehicle went airborne and crashed into a house near 36th and Greenfield early Sunday, April 28. Thankfully, the residents were able to escape without any injuries.

J.D. Vonstockhausen and his sister Ashley Felske had a rude awakening Sunday morning when a vehicle came barreling through their home.

J.D. Vonstockhausen

"That table actually hit the wall from over there," said Vonstockhausen. "You just felt a 'boom.'"

"I literally felt myself go back and forward," said Felske. "The house shook like an earthquake. I saw smoke."

Tire marks outside the home showed how the grass acted like a ramp. Vonstockhausen and Felske said the vehicle actually went airborne, struck the top of the first floor and came down, bringing brick and siding with it.

Car crash into house near 36th and Greenfield

Ashley Felske

"The tires were still spinning. He never touched the brake," said Vonstockhausen. "There are no skid marks or anything."

After grabbing the kids and taking them to safety, Felske returned to call 911. During that time, the family counted their blessings.

"The towing guy was at ALDI. He was waiting for a job and heard the 'boom,'" said Felske. "He drove over here and made the guy stay. He was worried the guy was going to get out and run."

Car crash into house near 36th and Greenfield

Car crash into house near 36th and Greenfield

The family was lucky in more ways than one.

"The couch is folded over, and that's the spot where I usually sleep," said Vonstockhausen. "I'm blessed that I'm alive. The oil spouts were right underneath the car, and so is the gas. The whole house could have blown up."

After the crash, they were trying to figure out how to pick up the pieces -- managing to remain positive.

Car crash into house near 36th and Greenfield

"We are all OK. That is what really matters," said Vonstockhausen. "We'll rebuild it and be just fine."

Police said there were no injuries reported. Investigators were working to determine whether the driver was drunk.