Love was in the air at the Milwaukee County Courthouse

MILWAUKEE (WITI) -- Many couples are looking for a way to make this Valentine's Day a memorable one. That certainly includes more than 50 couples who tied the knot on Friday morning, February 14th at the Milwaukee County Courthouse.

Each of the 52 couples who showed up was certainly excited for their nuptials -- but they also had to decide whether to have their ceremony in English or Spanish. A double-sided card sat on the podium for Court Commissioner Laura Gramling Perez.

"It's a bit of a challenge. My husband's actually from Guatemala so I'm used to going back and forth a little bit. We do a little back and forth between English and Spanish in our house, as well," said Gramling Perez.

One couple debated on having a Spanglish ceremony, but eventually decided to stick with one language -- and for a good reason.

"I was pretty certain on English because I don't know Spanish," said Christina Mason, who married her new husband, Samuel Diaz. "In about two years we plan to do our big wedding."

The entire Valentine's Day set-up has been in place at the Milwaukee County Courthouse for more than ten years -- and it shows no sign of slowing down.