'Lots of noise:' Pyrotechnics crews get set to light up the lakefront with 3,000 fireworks shells

Lakefront fireworks prepared for July 3 display

MILWAUKEE -- We are a day away from one of the major high points of the summer -- the lakefront fireworks! But before a single rocket gets launched, technicians are tasked with putting on the fiery performance are triple checking every single detail.

"We've been here since last Friday getting everything ready in between the weather," said Tim Zurmuehlen, lead pyrotechnician for J&M Displays. "It will be pretty nice."

Lakefront fireworks prepared for July 3 display

Three barges will be used for the pyrotechnic display. They will have 3,000 explosive shells on the deck.

Tim Zurmuehlen

"It should be another 40-minute spectacular," Zurmuehlen said. "It will open up with a nice red, white and blue theme -- lots of noise. And then it will just continue through, similar to what we've been doing in the past, but a mix of new product just to change things up a little bit."

But one thing they will not change is safety protocol.

"The Coast Guard has certain requirements we have to follow as far as types of life jackets. And we have to build safety shelters for our crews that have to meet Coast Guard requirements," Zurmuehlen said.

Lakefront fireworks prepared for July 3 display

Also staying safe are the fireworks themselves. They are covered under plastic tarps. That is because crews say the show will go on -- rain or shine.

"We can fire in the rain, and will. If we have to push it back a little bit time-wise because there's a stronger storm going on, or something, we can start later," Zurmuehlen said.

Get ready to watch a spectacular show!

Lakefront fireworks prepared for July 3 display