Los Angeles gym debuts coronavirus-safe workout pods fit with equipment, sanitation tools

Video courtesy of Inspire South Bay Fitness Instagram via Fox

LOS ANGELES -- Inspire South Bay Fitness in Los Angeles has come up with a creative way to allow members to enjoy their workout without worrying about coronavirus contamination.

Upon reopening, gym owners Peet and Trinh Sapsin debuted their original workout pods – plastic enclosures fit with gym equipment and sanitation tools. The couple told FOX Business’ Neil Cavuto the idea sprouted after they realized members were uncomfortable working out in face masks.

“We started out with wanting everybody to wear a mask working out,” Peet Sapsin said. “And we tested it out online, on Zoom, and apparently our clients just can't breathe. And we figured, OK, we need to come up with a better solution.”

Peet said his wife, Trinh Sapsin, drew sketches of the pods while he worked as the “handyman" to construct them.

Inspire South Bay Fitness now has nine workout pods of different dimensions and shapes. Each pod includes a bench, dumbbells, foam rollers and other equipment to accommodate members during classes and training sessions.

“Along with all the equipment, you have disinfectant spray and a towel in there as well so that you don't need to leave your pod the entire 50 minutes that you come to class,” Peet Sapsin said. “The instructor is going to show you how to do everything and if you need extra equipment, the instructor will grab that for you.”

Trinh Sapsin added that each pod is fully ventilated and trainers are able to demonstrate workout instructions along the outside of the plastic shields.

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