"Looking luscious:" We Energies gets its cookie book ready for holiday season

MILWAUKEE -- It's Christmas 365 days a year for Grace Natoli-Sheldon, which means she's always in the holiday spirit.

"All the time, all the time I`m happy," said Natoli-Sheldon as she laughed.

Natoli-Sheldon has her own food photography business and is capturing Christmas goodies year round.

"We could do a shot in 15 minutes and it`s perfect and it all came together or like the shot before this it took a couple of hours," said Natoli-Sheldon.

Right now, she's snapping pictures for the ever popular We Energies Cookie Book.

"You have to make sure the light is hitting everything and everything is looking luscious," said Natoli-Sheldon.

The We Energies Cookie Book dates back to 1928, but this year there's a new twist.

"We have recipes from all 50 states plus the District of Columbia so when people are doing their holiday baking this year they can take a trip literally across the country and try recipes from all 50 states," said We Energies Spokesperson Cathy Schulze.

Getting the free book is a tradition for many families, including Natoli-Sheldon.

"My mom and I always baked from these books mostly Italian cookies, whatever were the Italian ones those were the ones that we made," said Natoli-Sheldon.

Distribution of the We Energies Cookie Book begins in November and mark your calendar because the big distribution event is at Miller Park on Saturday, November 7th from 9 am - 1 pm.

To see the full list of dates and locations for the We Energies Cookie Book, CLICK HERE.