Looking for a tasty, convenient, and philanthropic Friday fish fry?

Short ribs and pork sandwiches have been a staple at Saz’s since they opened more than four decades ago. Brian is in the kitchen learning more about how they cook up some of the area’s best BBQ in the business.

About Saz's (website)

Saz’s Hospitality Group maintains extensive cleaning, sanitizing, and staff hygiene requirements based upon best practices as established by the state health department and other governing organizations. However, in light of recent events, and based on the recommendations of expert resources, we have implemented standards exceeding these mandates to ensure the safety of our guests and staff as we continue providing genuine hospitality, delicious meals, and friendly service. At this time, catering operations continue at Saz’s Catering, and Saz’s State House is open for dine-in service, featuring online ordering options for guests who are not yet comfortable dining out.