Looking back on the Ground Hog's Day blizzard of 2011

MILWAUKEE -- "What a difference a year makes!" Those are the words of Cathy Schulze, of We Energies, as she refers to both the February 1st blizzard of 2011, and the current energy bills of We Energies customers.

Following the blizzard in early February, 2011, snowfall measured more than 20 inches, in Kenosha, while around 19 inches accumulated in Milwaukee.

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It's a very different picture so far this winter, as we've seen an absence of cold, snowy weather. The lack of cold weather, coupled with low natural gas prices, is saving customers serious cash. "We did look at numbers for November and December of last year and for that two-month time period, compared to the year before, the average customer saw savings of 22 percent," Schulze said.

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Meanwhile, Milwaukee Sanitation Services Manager Wanda Booker says the city is also saving a lot of money this season after exceeding its snow budget by more than $3 million in 2011. "We're saving on equipment, we're saving on fuel, we're saving on salt, we're saving on overtime hours, so it's actually really a benefit when it doesn't snow," Booker said.

As we acknowledge the anniversary of one of the most significant snow events in Wisconsin's history, the Milwaukee Public Library helps put the precipitation into perspective -- with an exhibit detailing the Blizzard of 1947. When you consider those snow-clearing crews needed to move more than 18 inches of snow without the technological advances of this era, it helps put the precipitation in perspective.