Look who's 6! Happy birthday to Lewis and Clark, bears living at sanctuary in West Bend

WEST BEND -- Lewis and Clark, bears living at Shalom Wildlife Sanctuary in West Bend, celebrated their sixth birthday on Saturday, Jan. 25 -- and the public was invited!

In honor of the birthday of the bears, affectionately refered to as "the boys," Shalom officials shared some fast facts about Lewis and Clark -- who have grown since the Wisconsin-born bears arrived in West Bend:

FOX6 News stopped by back in March 2014, when the bears first arrived at Shalom at just 9 weeks old. This, after the boys were abandoned by their mother at another zoo.


"Lewis and Clark, we all know who they are," said David Fechter, owner of Shalom Wildlife Sanctuary, back in March 2014. "They were the great explorers, and little brown bears like to explore, so my wife said that would be a good name for them, and I think everybody agrees."

When they first arrived at the sanctuary, they were just four pounds -- but growing fast!

“When they are full-grown, they’ll probably be over 1,000 pounds each,” the Fechers said.

The bears made their debut at the sanctuary in May 2014. They're expected to live to be about 30.

"They really have a big, happy environment here, and these guys have two-and-a-half acres here that they can play in," said Fechter. "Watching them, you can see that these bears are very happy."

They might just be the two most popular animals at the sanctuary, featuring more than 400 animals and 61 species.

If you haven't visited -- we highly recommend a stop!

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