Longer lines than expected at Miller Park COVID test site on holiday

There were longer lines than expected Thursday, Dec. 24 at the Miller Park COVID-19 testing site, as health care workers sacrificed time with family on the holiday to brave the cold and the virus.

Celia Shaughnessy,

"We have just a fantastic team here, very dedicated," said Celia Shaughnessy, site director. "It’s really been special to be helping the community out with testing, and happy to be here."

Health officials said longer lines than expected were a welcome sight on the holiday.

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"It’s important to test," said Shaughnessy. "I know the vaccination message is out, which is fantastic, but we have a long way to go, so it is important that you keep safe, wear masks and stay distanced."

The registration process was moved to the garage amid extremely cold temperatures, with the doors opening to allow several vehicles in at a time.

"We’re cold, but we’re adjusting as we need be to make sure that our employees are staying warm and safe," said a health official.

Your test is most likely to be accurate within five to seven days after exposure, health officials say. 

"Avoid contact with people if you can, and please do come get tested if you believe you’ve been exposed," said a health official.

Testing will pause for Christmas Day, resuming at Miller Park on Saturday, Dec. 26.