Long lines at marijuana dispensaries ahead of shutdown due to COVID-19 outbreak

NEW YORK -- As more towns enact quarantines and lockdowns, people are stocking up on groceries and toilet paper. But there's one thing particularly that's high on some folks' to-do list.

Customers are flocking to marijuana dispensaries, hoping to get their CBD needs.

For some, it helps with migraines. For others, anxiety.

One local owner says the lines make sense because customers don't know if stores will be the next thing to close.

"There's a lot of people worrying about not being able to leave their house or whether or not you're going to run out of a product," said Brandon Levin, Mercy Wellness of Cotati owner. "There are people that, they can't sleep, their appetite, they can't eat. And anxiety's the biggest thing right now, it's through the roof."

"I've had four back surgeries and I used to take opiates and I've also been a nurse for 30 years and this is definitely my medication," said Teri Schouten, Sonoma County, California.

"You're locking yourself up in the house for two weeks, people are going to go a little bit crazy just being in the same space," said Levine.

County by county, legislators are deciding whether marijuana stores are "essential services" or if they must close.

Customers in the store are taking the extra precaution of staying six feet from each other.

Sonoma County's largest dispensary will remain open and will move sales outside -- and create a drive-thru in the parking lot.

Because of high demand, customers will pre-order online in addition to providing a medical card.