"Lo and behold, they don't take cash:" High-end shop in Michigan says 'no' to cash payments

DETROIT, Michigan -- A high-end shop in Michigan is saying "no" to cash payments. The store only accepts credit cards.

Detroit's Kit and Ace is one of those new shops where customers can spend $328 on a scarf -- that's on sale from $368.

Attorney Mike Dilaura got quite the surprise at the register when he pulled out $100 bills and handed them over.

"And lo and behold -- they don't take cash," Dilaura said.

Depending on your perspective, you can call it the Kit and Ace bonus. They don't take cash.

"It's a pretty upscale store, so you figure they want people coming in with money in their pocket and it's easier to spend, you know? It's cash," Dilaura said.

Officials with the 50-store chain said it's all about making the buying experience seamless and efficient.

"I think that makes sense for Kroger. Does it make sense for a high-end retailer that sells $100 pants? I don't know. You know what I mean? How big of a line are they going to see in this store? Is it going to save that much time taking a card over cash?" Dilaura said.

On the flip side, Kit and Ace shopper Sara Woehrlen said she wasn't even aware the store doesn't accept cash. She said it didn't matter much to her either way, saying she has little use for cash these days.

"You don't need cash much," Woehrlen said. "I carry cash to break down into smaller cash. Quarter and dollar bills and things like that but do I ever pay in cash? No."

Dilaura mentioned the issue of privacy.

"If you want somebody to know that you buy your $1.78 at Starbucks every day or you spend a $120 on pants that you're probably too old to wear, then they are going to be able to see that in your individual bank statements," Dilaura said.

Some Lululemon stores don't accept cash, and Lululemon's owner is the father of Kit and Ace's owner -- so there's a connection.