'Lizzy's Walk' raises money, awareness for healthy vision

MILWAUKEE -- A sea of blue shirts invaded Milwaukee's Third Ward on Wednesday, July 31 and it was all for a great cause.

Plenty of kids and adults took part in "Lizzy's Walk." The event helps raise money and awareness for a children's vision screening program for the group "Prevent Blindness Wisconsin."

The program is the only one if its kind in the state.

"Most people aren't complaining if they don't see well, certainly kids don't know any different so if they grow up not seeing correctly they think that's normal and they don't say anything. It's all about getting your screenings for a potential problem," said Tammy Radwill, CEO of Lizzy's Walk.

Each year, Prevent Blindness Wisconsin helps provide vision screenings for more than 260,000 kids around the state.