Live-in girlfriend speaks out after man, man's mother killed in crashes

WEST ALLIS -- West Allis police are investigating two fatal crashes that occurred early Sunday morning, April 29th -- one on 81st and Lapham, and the other at 90th and National. Police have confirmed the separate incidents had a devastating impact on one family, killing a mother and son within hours of one another.

Early Saturday morning, April 28th, Latricia Jansen was with her circle of friends and her live-in boyfriend of two years, 22-year-old Thomas Olson. They were waiting for Olson's mother to arrive. "Was just hanging out with him having fun. The whole entire family. The whole crew. She was supposed to come over to the house and knock on our window and hang out with us, and we never got the knock on the window," Jansen said.

Jansen got a visit from West Allis police, who told her Olson's mother, 45-year-old Mary Moore of West Allis, had been hit by a car near 81st and Lapham around 1:00 Sunday morning and was pronounced dead at the scene.

West Allis police say the driver of the car that hit Moore was taken into custody after initially fleeing the scene.

West Allis Deputy Chief of Police Charles Padgett says as officers were notifying members of Moore's family of her death, they learned of another traffic fatality involving Moore's son, who had just learned of his mother's death via a phone call from Jensen.

"I told him he needs to get back now, as soon as possible. He said 'I just want to see my mom!' That's when I am assuming everything happened," Jansen said.

Olson was involved in a rollover crash near Becher and National that killed the 22-year-old man as he and three close friends were en route to the hospital, where Olson believed his mom was. "There's information that the vehicle with the son was traveling at a high rate of speed, and that the driver was arrested for OWI," Padgett said.

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