Live bat released during 'The Batman' screening in Austin theater

Fans who went out to watch "The Batman" at a theater in Austin were surprised to see a real live bat during the screening on March 4. 

Jeremiah Milligan recorded a video at Moviehouse & Eatery by Cinepolis in Northwest Austin of the bat flying around.

Milligan posted the video to Twitter. He told Storyful he noticed the shadow of the bat flying around the projector and initially thought it was part of the movie.

"I figured the bat was a part of the film until I noticed how out of place the bat was compared to the scene of the movie," he said. "One of the waiters asked if they could pause the film to see what was flying around the cinema. To our surprise, there was a bat flying around."

Milligan said some members of the audience did leave while others sat and watched the bat fly around. He told Storyful he did end up leaving the theater himself as well and opted to exchange his ticket for a later screening in a different auditorium.

Storyful contributed to this article

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