Little voice makes a big difference

TAMAQUA, PA -- No matter how small the idea, it can still make a big difference.

8-year-old Keenan Cook travels through Tamaqua, Pennsylvania with his mom often, Shanna. One day last month, it wasn't a fun ride for Keenan.

“We came up Schuylkill Avenue. There was something on the road and all the ducks were surrounding it,” said Keenan.

It turns out, someone hit and killed a duck on the road.

“It made me feel sad and then that day my mom told me that if I wanted to I could write a letter," Keenan said.

Cook took out his pen and paper and wrote a letter asking Tamaqua borough council to add duck crossing signs near where the duck was killed.

The letter was presented to the council and with a unanimous vote, the duck signs were put up, all thanks to 8-year-old Keenan.

Council thought it was a good idea since many ducks hang out in a nearby river.

Keenan is happy that his voice made a difference.

"Ducks can be safe and people can be safe," Keenan said.

Who knows, one day Keenan could be on the other side of council chambers.