Little Switzerland preparing for busy week after snowfall

SLINGER — While many have been enjoying the mild weather, those in the ski business are happy to see the snow. Up to three inches of snow fell in Slinger Sunday, December 9th, making the skiing conditions at Little Switzerland ski hill the best it’s been all year.

Little Switzerland owners Dave, Mike and Rick Schmitz said they are happy that Mother Nature finally worked in their favor.

“It was great. People were coming out in droves. I think when they wake up and see the white powder, they get excited to ski. All of a sudden people started coming out, so it was a good turnout yesterday,” co-owner Dave Schmitz said.

After a five-year hiatus, the new owners re-opened the ski resort November 30th. However, the unseasonable weather last week forced them to shut down for three days because the snow from their machines started to melt.

Now, with fresh snow, Little Switzerland is back up and running at full speed.

“People want to know where we were. ‘Did we get snow? Did we get rain? How are we?’ You’ll see it’s a winter wonderland here,” Schmitz said.

It’s a welcomed sight for people like Don Maes, who’s ready to hit the slopes.

“We were golfing instead of thinking snow. Now we got winter here for good. This is great ski weather. This gets everybody in the mood. The beauty of the trees filled with snow -- it's just awesome,” Maes said.

With the upcoming forecast showing near normal temperatures for December, the Schmitz brothers are hoping it stays that way from now through March.

Little Switzerland has a live web-camera on its website to show current ski conditions.  If you'd like to check it out, here’s the link.