Little dog makes big difference at senior living facility in Milwaukee: "Perfect for the job"

MILWAUKEE -- She's not a resident at Luther Manor Assisted Living, but "Pixie" sure is popular there!

"You get smiles out of people who may not show any emotion all day long, but they will react to animals much differently," said Pixie's owner Arlene Schultz.


Pixie is a therapy dog.

Pixie's friend and owner, Arlene Schultz, says she knew this is what Pixie was meant to do the moment she met her as a puppy.


"She was just a very cuddly little dog and I decided she'd be perfect for the job," said Schultz.

Now 13 years old, Pixie continues to visit Luther Manor twice a week.

Not only is she making the residents happy -- she's also keeping them healthy.

"They can get up on your lap and sit and you can pet them and it makes you feel better and they feel better. I think that's the way God created them," said Luther Manor resident Irene Krajcik.


According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, pets can reduce blood pressure, cholesterol and feelings of loneliness.

Schultz has heard time after time the impact Pixie is having on the residents.


"He just threw his arms around her and he said 'this is better than all the medicine' People wonder why I come back all the time. Those are the kinds of things that make me feel good about doing this," said Schultz.

Pixie has already clocked 1,500 volunteer hours at Luther Manor and she plans to continue putting smiles on faces as long as she can.

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