Voters face lines in West Bend

Jordan Kottwitz waited with her son, August, Tuesday, Nov. 3 to cast a vote in the contentious 2020 presidential election inside the West Bend library.

"Oh, I don’t know, quite a bit," said Kottwitz. "Maybe 10, 15 minutes. I feel weird voting in the mail. Like, it could get lost or something. I’d rather just do it in person so I know that it went through.”

Almost everyone except a few put on a mask and practiced social distancing.

"I feel safe overall," said Tim Olson. "I’m not, personally, I’m not really afraid of COVID, but for other people, I like to prevent myself and other people from getting sick.”

Voters line up in West Bend on Election Day, Nov. 3, 2020.

They say this made the lines look longer than they actually were.

“I’ve been here for like, 20 minutes," said Tim Olson. Stay far away, which feels like it makes the time process, not any longer, but you just feel way further out than you actually would be if we all piled in."

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For 19-year-old Tim Olson, this election was special for another reason. He voted for the first time.

"It feels more official to do it in person," said Tim Olson. "I definitely think this one is important more than previous years.”   


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