'Like taking a piece of me:' Soldier's beloved trumpet stolen from his truck on Veterans Day

Staff Sergeant Matthew Miller

GLENDALE -- A soldier was targeted by a criminal on Veterans Day. The Army Reservist's beloved trumpet that he's had since high school was stolen just hours after he marched in a parade. The instrument was with him on a deployment to Iraq, and has extreme sentimental value.

Staff Sergeant Matthew Miller takes great pride in his military service and his role in the Army Band. That's why Sunday morning, Nov. 11 was so devastating.

"The feeling -- it was like losing a sense of yourself," said SSgt. Miller.

Staff Sergeant Matthew Miller

As the Sun Prairie man left his hotel in Glendale, he discovered one of his most beloved possessions was gone.

"Noticed that the first thing gone was my trumpet," said Ssgt. Miller.

His truck windows were smashed, with glass laying on the ground. His vehicle was emptied.

"It was like taking a piece of me when they stole that," said Ssgt. Miller.

His parents gave him the trumpet as a gift in high school. It has since been with him through everything.

"I've had that the better part of my life -- through a deployment, a number of military funerals I've played that," said Ssgt. Miller.

His wife put his story on Facebook, and the post garnered thousands of shares.

"The support has been overwhelming," he said.

He said he has searched the web, looking for the trumpet, but hasn't had any luck. He asks that anyone who may have information please contact Glendale police.

"I'm going to expect the worst, but hope for the best," said Ssgt. Miller.