Like chips? Wisconsin-based brand has flavors you’ve never experienced

Looking for a locally made, light, crunchy and delicious potato chip that you can feel good about eating? Brian can help. He’s in Muskego at Jackson’s where the non-GMO heirloom sweet potatoes they source are direct from the farm.

About Jackson's Chips (website)

When our son Jackson was diagnosed with a rare autoimmune disorder, our top priority was to find ways to ease his symptoms. After much trial and error, we discovered that a high-fat, low-carb diet—with an emphasis on coconut oil and other ancestral fats—greatly improved both his health and quality of life.

Our whole family adopted this way of eating—but boy, did we miss snack foods! So we set out to make our own. We began cooking locally-grown, thinly-sliced sweet potatoes low and slow in coconut oil on our stovetop. The results were delicious!

The chips were too good not to share with you and your family, so we started Jackson's. His legacy lives on through our company and the snacks he inspired, and we couldn’t be more proud to bring them to you.