Like a Coldstone Creamery...but with CEREAL! Cereal Killer Cafe opens in December in London

LONDON (WITI) -- It's something you may wish was coming to the Milwaukee area!

Mashable reports two identical twin brothers are set to open a cafe serving up more than 100 different types of cereal!

It's set to open in December in London.

The "Cereal Killer Cafe" will allow customers to choose from more than 100 types of cereal sourced from America, France, Australia and more -- and a dozen types of milk.

Also available -- 20 toppings, from Oreos to marshmellows.

Think of it as a Coldstone Creamery or a frozen yogurt shop with cereal, instead of a frozen treat.

The identical twin brothers raised money for the cafe on Indiegogo. They've put more than $30,000 of their own savings into the business.

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