"Life didn't give us time!" Last-minute shoppers fill Brookfield Square Mall

MILWAUKEE -- Some shoppers waited until the last minute to finish up their Christmas shopping. 

Waiting until the last minute isn't always bad. Shoppers say there are benefits like shorter lines and good deals.

"We're famous for it," said Kristin Elizondo, shopper.

No matter how much time shoppers have, there are some who just like to procrastinate.

"We're late for almost everything," said Elizondo.

Kristin Elizondo

At the Brookfield Square Mall, last minute shoppers buy those last minute gifts before Christmas Day.

"Life didn't give us any time to do it any faster," said Elizondo.

Kristin Elizondo and her son, Matteo, come with a plan.

"In the car ride over we came up with a list," Elizondo said.

This is a Christmas tradition -- buying gifts as the clock ticks away. 

"We feel like there are some last minute deals and inspiration," said Elizondo.

The shoppers say the wait can be worth it from shorter lines to great bargains.

"It's actually chill in here. It's pretty calm," said Mustafaa Holman, shopper.

For Mustafaa Holman, the adrenaline pushes him through. He's shopping for his daughter and niece.

"It's actually chill in here, the crunch-time rush. Just running around, knowing the store is going to close at a certain time," Holman said. 

These shoppers say they won't change their ways, pushing the Christmas deadline can be fun -- and they'll probably do it again next year.

"We love it. I love it," said Elizondo.

The mall will be closed for Christmas on Sunday, but will be right back open on Monday morning for all those returns.