Less than one week until Wisconsin's recall primary election

MILWAUKEE -- There's just one week until Wisconsin's historic recall primary. Candidates for governor traveled the state Tuesday, May 1st to try to get your vote.

On the Republican side, Gov. Scott Walker was visited Tuesday by New Jersey Governor Chris Christie.

"For the next five weeks, Wisconsin is going to be the center of the American political universe," Gov. Christie said. "All the eyes of America for the next five weeks are going to be on the state of Wisconsin."

Christie is considered a star in the Republican party -- and he warned the people of Wisconsin not to undo Gov. Walker's reforms. Gov. Christie mentioned one Democrat challenging Walker by name.

"You know that Wisconsin would be a significantly worse place if Mr. Barrett had won this election in 2010," Christie said.

Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett fired back at one of his campaign stops Tuesday.

"The three states with the most job losses were New Jersey, Ohio and Wisconsin, and it's no surprise that the three governors are considered the most conservative governors in this country. So if Chris Christie is coming here to share how many jobs he lost, he's going to have a willing pupil in Scott Walker," Barrett said.

Kathleen Falk campaigned in front of a closed Milwaukee school Tuesday. She did so to draw attention to cuts in education.

"A budget is a moral document. Governor Walker choose to create some new big tax breaks for corporations, and he made the biggest cut in public education in our state's history," Falk said.

Gov. Walker however, defended his reforms, saying they've balanced a $3.6 billion deficit and improved public education.

"Not only can we save money, but now we can hire and fire based on merit. That means we can put the best and the brightest in our classrooms, and we can keep them there.  We're the one's standing up for education, we're the ones standing up for kids.  We're the ones who want a better Wisconsin," Walker said.

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