Leroy Rushing sentenced to 20 years in prison

MILWAUKEE (WITI) -- 46-year-old Leroy Rushing, one of two Milwaukee men charged in connection with the beating death of 49-year-old Curtis Scott, was sentenced to 20 years in prison and another 15 years extended supervision on Monday, December 23rd.

Scott was found dead in an alley near 5th and Keefe Sunday, March 31st. According to the criminal complaint, Scott was beaten with a baseball bat after an argument with Rushing and 48-year-old Dexter Broughton over a $10 bill.

In court on Monday, Rushing told the court his heart goes out to Scott and his family. Rushing said Scott was his friend. Rushing's sentiments, however, meant little to the victim's family or court.

"I think he needs to own what he did," said LaDana Scott. "A human life is more than $10."

Prior to handing down the sentence, the judge overseeing this case said of Rushing's actions in relation to Scott, "You left him there deliberately. It's offensive you hide behind your religious beliefs to do so."