Learning differently: Unique child academy opens in Cedarburg

CEDARBURG (WITI) -- Many kids love to mimic their parents, and now they can while learning some important lessons.

"A child`s character is set in stone for the most part by the time they turn 6 and so that`s why it is so crucial to really engage them when they are young," said Morningstar Montessori Academy Business Manager Kate Gralton.

The Morningstar Montessori Academy just opened its infant and toddler classroom 2 weeks ago.

Its motto is to collaborate with children rather than forcing them to do something.

"Instead of the teacher directing the children, the children have the choice to choose which materials they really want to focus on and it`s uninterrupted learning," said Gralton.

Kids are learning skills like chopping, setting the table, and washing the dishes while playing.

They even begin the potty training process at just 15 months.

"It`s very respectful there`s never any condemnation or never anything to make them feel bad about it. Instead we just help them to help themselves," said Morningstar Montessori Academy Owner Vera Brissman.

This is only the second Association Montessori International certified classroom for infants and toddlers in the state.

Not only is the subject matter unique, but so is the environment.

"We put in 8 skylights, we put in glass walls so that everybody could see each other and the children can form a community with each other," said Brissman.

Officials at the academy say the goal is to instill a confidence within the children that will last a lifetime.

Morningstar Montessori Academy accepts children 15 months to 7-years-old.

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