'Learn about nature:' 1st-graders help Milwaukee County Parks celebrate 21st annual Tree Day

Jane LeCapitaine

MILWAUKEE --  More than 200 first-graders on Wednesday, Oct. 9 spent the day outside of the classroom. It was part of  Humboldt Park's annual Tree Day.

First-grade students from Humboldt Park School spent the day learning that each part of the tree has its own purpose.

"Some acorns have a chance to grow into trees," said Alaina Her, first-grader.

"Teaching the importance and role of trees to students makes it easier for us then to continue to have trees as part of our quality of life," said Jane LeCapitaine, Humboldt Park Friends Board of Directors.

21st Annual Tree Day

The program started in 1998 as a way to get kids out from behind screens -- and touch nature.

"If you think about that, you multiply that by the number of years, that's a lot of students that we've put through the program," said LeCapitaine.

The kids didn't seem to mind some time away from technology -- especially on a beautiful fall day.

"It's smaller inside, and outside, it's bigger," said Cheemoua Xiong, first-grader.

"I like that you can learn about nature and you can get some air," said Her.

Milwaukee County Parks officials, the City of Milwaukee Urban Forestry Department, and Wehr Nature Center partnered with Humboldt Park Friends to put on the annual event.