Leaked video creates firestorm in Wisconsin's Senate race

MILWAUKEE -- A leaked video has created a firestorm in Wisconsin's Senate race. This, after one of Republican Tommy Thompson's closest advisors tweeted a link in what appears to be an attack on Democrat Tammy Baldwin's sexual orientation.

Baldwin is openly gay. Before giving one of the biggest speeches of her career at the Democratic National Convention, this past week, Congresswoman Baldwin told FOX6's Mike Lowe her sexuality will not be a focus of the campaign.

As reported by wispolitics.com, Brian Nemoir, Political Director for Thompson, wrote this short message to followers on Twitter before Baldwin's speech: "Clearly, there's no one better positioned to talk 'heartland values' than Tammy."

There was also a link to a clip of video from a 2010 gay pride rally in Madison. In the video, Baldwin is seen dancing on stage.

Denise Cawley, who is on the board for Milwaukee's LGBT Community Center, calls the tweet an attack.

"I think the timing is very interesting as to when he decided to tweet his 'personal opinion,'" Cawley said.

Nemoir told FOX6 News he is declining all requests for additional comments.

The Thompson campaign is distancing itself saying, "Brian acted on his own...He was not representing the Thompson campaign."

UW-Milwaukee political expert Mordecai Lee believes the tweet was no mistake.

"I think this is 'welcome to social media politics.' In other words, nothing is really private, and sometimes things aren't intended to be private -- they are intended to go viral," Lee said.

Baldwin's campaign will not officially comment on the tweet, but it points out the video was emailed to a group using a campaign email address.

FOX6 News was unable to reach both Senate candidates directly.