Law enforcement bust drug ring spanning four counties

MANITOWOC -- 11 people are accused of running a major drug ring  that brought hundreds of pounds of marijuana to Milwaukee, Sheboygan, Manitowoc and Calumet Counties.

11 people from four countries face 27 counts of various drug trafficking and weapons charges. Manitowoc County Sheriff Robert Hermann says the suspected drug ring brought marijuana from northern California to Wisconsin in the back of cars.

Dealers had up to 100 pounds transported here at a time, and spread it across Milwaukee, Sheboygan, Calumet and Manitowoc Counties. Authorities say the drug deals went down in bars, apartments and a house across the street from a police station.

Sheboygan Police Lt. Michael Williams says discovering the network came from good police work. "It goes from on to another to another to another, and that's what we try to do is try to find that trail and follow it."

After two years of watching, cops intercepted a shipment with nearly 70 pounds of marijuana in suitcases.

Police believe busting up this drug ring has stopped one of the largest suppliers of marijuana in Wisconsin.

Law enforcement collected 11 firearms and more than $200. The suspects have all made appearances in federal court. They could spend up to 40 years in prison.