"Law and order will be maintained:" Another rally set for Sunday after 14 protesters arrested Saturday

MILWAUKEE (WITI) -- 14 protesters were arrested on Saturday, December 6th after an afternoon demonstration veered onto the freeway. Another demonstration is planned for Sunday, December 7th.

On Saturday afternoon, a group of protesters took their message to the I-794 on-ramp.

The Milwaukee County Sheriff's Office says the group was stopping traffic and says demonstrators wouldn't leave the freeway.

14 people were arrested and booked into the Milwaukee County Jail. Three of those arrested are from Ferguson, Missouri.

FOX6 News is told two children were in the group, ages six and 10. We're told they were picked up by Child Protective Services.

A Sheriff's Office spokeswoman tells FOX6 News the protesters from Milwaukee could be issued municipal disorderly conduct citations.

A FOX6 News crew at the jail on Saturday night observed the doors locked, and construction barricades lined up in front of the building. A Sheriff's Office spokeswoman tells FOX6 News the doors were locked due to the protesters, and added Sheriff Clarke doesn't believe in letting the media make celebrities out of law breakers.

Jimmy Simmons says his 53-year-old mother Michelle was among the protesters arrested.

"They arrested her for, you know, standing up for her rights and whatever at the protest and so I'm just upset. Hopefully, you know, that she come out very soon, you know. I been out here since like 2:00 and been a long time and it's cold," Simmons said.

Milwaukee County Sheriff David Clarke issued this statement Saturday:

"I have made it very clear that arrests will be made when violations of the law occur, regardless of the protesters' motivations. Law and order will be maintained."

Several of the protesters arrested were released from the County Jail late Saturday. The remainder were released on Sunday.

"We're out there protesting against this and they're actually detaining us -- arresting and detaining us without Miranda rights -- actually misusing their authority. That drives home our point. We really proved everything we were out here protesting, marching about -- we completely proved it tonight," protester Vaun Mayes said.

The group "Occupy the Hood Milwaukee" was behind Saturday's protest. They have another event planned for Sunday, December 7th.

The "Milwaukee Meets Ferguson" event, organized by Occupy the Hood Milwaukee began Friday, December 5th, with Milwaukee Meets Ferguson Press Conference & Rally Part 1.

There were several events planned for Saturday, including Milwaukee Meets Ferguson Rally Part 2.

The Milwaukee Meets Ferguson Rally Part 3 is set to begin at 2:00 p.m. at the Milwaukee County Jail.

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