Lassando Rhodes (3-17-12) - CAPTURED

MILWAUKEE -- US Marshals say Lassando Rhodes has ties to the notorious "Ghetto Boys" Milwaukee street gang. Marshals were on the hunt for Rhodes before he was captured.

"You name it, this gang did it. They were involved in everything from murders to extortion," Brian Nodes with the US Marshals said.

Officials say 32-year-old Rhodes has his gang affiliation spelled out in tattoos on his arms. "His left forearm says 'ties,' and his right forearm says 'ghetto' - 'ghetto ties,'" Nodes said.

Officials say Rhodes was charged with marijuana and cocaine - both selling and distributing. Rhodes served his time, but while on supervised release, he cut off his GPS monitor. Beginning February 14th, US Marshals searched for Rhodes, and describe him as armed and dangerous.

"He keeps slipping through the cracks. He has connections all over the city," Nodes said.

Rhodes is described as about six feet tall and weighing 180 pounds.