Largo PD: Double-murder suspect broke into home, stabbed victims with ‘sharpest kitchen knife he could find’

The arrest report for a 19-year-old suspect revealed the steps he took Monday to violently murder two women in their Largo home apparently at random, according to police.

Detectives said Sage Gayle Curry admitted to following one of the two female victims during the early-morning hours to her home in the 1000 block of 8th Avenue NW. He then climbed into the house through a bedroom window.

They said Curry confessed to stabbing both victims "multiple times with the sharpest kitchen knife he could find." 

According to the affidavit, he stabbed one of the victims "for unknown reasons" while she was sleeping on the couch and rolled her off the furniture to make the stabbing look like an accident.


Sage Gayle Curry (Largo PD)

That woke up the second victim, who tried to come to the first victim's defense. She was able to injure Curry before he stabbed her to death as well. Curry then headed back outside and asked a neighbor for help with his own injury.

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Meanwhile, the sidewalks in the victims' neighborhood are missing two of their frequent occupants.

"I would see them on the street there," said neighbor Duane Cin. "They would all go down there towards the bicycle path."

Police and neighbors want to know what made Curry target the two women, who police are not identifying and who are said to be longtime neighbors who immigrated from Albania. 

Dan McDonald's son was a childhood friend of one of the sons of the two women.

"They were probably here just wanting a peaceful life," said McDonald. "That sort of thing. I never heard about them bothering anybody. They were just trying to be on with their lives."

Police say Curry tried to make it look like an accident before he left the home and asked a neighbor of the women to call 911. Investigators didn’t shed light a possible motive, calling it only a "random act with no known relationship between the victims and the arrested," though they are still investigating.

"It is a sick person," said Cin. "It's the kind you don't want to run around with, and the kind you don't want coming after you."

Curry remains in jail on two counts of first-degree murder and burglary.