Land for sale: Wisconsin DNR identifies 82 parcels to sell per budget mandate

MADISON — The state Department of Natural Resources has identified 82 parcels of agency land it wants to sell.

The 2013-15 budget requires the DNR to sell 10,000 acres by mid-2017 to help pay down debt in the agency's stewardship program, the mechanism the DNR uses to borrow money for land purchases.

DNR officials say the parcels identified for sale cover 5,900 acres. The agency wants to offer 23 parcels to municipalities and tribes; 36 parcels to adjoining landowners; and put 23 parcels up for sale through a public bidding process. A list of the parcels and their locations is available on the DNR's website.

The agency plans to study 35 other parcels totaling 2,195 acres for possible sale.

The DNR's board will consider the agency's plan during a Feb. 24 meeting.