Lakewood Elementary auctioning off pieces of the old school to make room for the new one

TWIN LAKES (WITI) -- Have you ever wanted to take a piece of your old school with you? Lakewood Elementary has found a unique way to share a piece of their school's history as they get ready for some major renovations.

Fifty-four years ago, Lakewood Elementary was built and since that time hundreds have walked the halls -- but this school is outgrowing itself.

"In 1961 we had less than 100 students. Now we have over 400," said Joe Price, Superintendent of the Twin Lake School District.

So some changes need to be made.

"It is way past time. Probably 15 years past time," said Price.

The $5.9 million renovation and addition project began last summer with a new roof and an upgrade of the HVAC system.

"We'll actually have air conditioning which we've never had here," said Price.

But perhaps the most anticipated project is a new gymnasium -- as some students have many memories there.

"Beating Randall our last home game in this gym. We were going to storm the court. They're our biggest rivals. We beat them by like three points. Close game and we beat them," said a student.

The new gym will also be outfitted with updated scoreboards. Unfortunately, current students will be graduated before it's all done -- but they can take a piece of Lakewood history with them. The old floor will be cut into six-by-five-foot sections and auctioned off to the highest bidder.

"We're anticipating between 80-90 pieces being available," said Price.

It is the first of many re-purposing auctions the school will hold as it gets rid of the old to make room for the new.

"We looked at it as a great opportunity to give back to the community and also an opportunity for the school to gain some great things for our kids," said Price.

Lakewood alumni and now teacher Melissa Olson thinks it's a great idea.

"Sure! Absolutely! That would be cool to have. All my kids think it's cool that I went here and my own children do so it'd be fun to have that up on the mantel at home," said Olson.

A similar process will be used with other items like student lockers.

Construction is expected to be done by January 2016.

The bids for the gym floor are due to the school's office by end of the day on Friday, March 13th. The highest bidder will be allowed to purchase as many sections at that price as he or she wants. Sections will continue to be offered to the next highest bidder until gone.

The removal of the old floor begins on Monday.