Lakefront Brewery installs solar panels to power warehouse

RIVERWEST -- Lakefront Brewery is converting the sun's rays into energy. The company announced Tuesday, October 3rd they've installed arrays of solar panels at its Riverwest warehouse.

According to a news release, with a total of 264 modules, Lakefront Brewery will be producing approximately 85,000 kilowatts annually. That represents up to 39 percent of all the energy used at the craft beer warehouse.

Lakefront Brewery solar panels

“Wherever we can save, contribute or innovate, we’ll do it,” said Lakefront Co-Founder and Owner, Russ Klisch. “Our warehouse is basically one, giant refrigerator, and it uses a good amount of energy. To create energy ourselves is conserving resources for everyone else.”

The solar panels were installed by SunPeak, a company out of Madison and they've been up and running for a few weeks now.

Lakefront Brewery solar panels

“The amount of savings is staggering,” said Al Kluth, Lakefront Brewery Warehouse Manager. “It will be north of $500,000 over the 30-year lifespan of the system.

Lakefront Brewery has been operating and updating its Riverwest warehouse for five years now and the company distributes its products to 35 states, Ukraine, Finland, China and Canada.

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