Lakefront Brewery creates 40-foot 'kegnado,' built out of 71 used steel beer kegs

MILWAUKEE -- Lakefront Brewery has created a "kegnado," built out of 71 used stainless steel beer kegs. The keg tornado was then attached to the northeast corner of Lakefront Brewery’s Commerce Street building. It's more than 40 feet tall!

According to a news release, each keg will be lit with two bands of LEDs, and are able to be programmed with any color combination possible.

"The river and the people of Milwaukee have been very good to us over the years," said Russ Klisch, Lakefront Brewery co-founder and president in the release. "In trying to give back, our brewery has built one of the most unique and beautiful art pieces that any brewery in the world has ever built. It’s been years in the making.”

The original conceptual idea came from Milwaukee's own Retailworks Inc., and was built by local craftsmen, the release said.

“We hope this unique project will spur other luminous art installations along the river, and encourage people and guests to stroll, kayak, or boat up and down the Riverwalk," Klisch said in the release.

As of Tuesday, Sept. 3, Lakefront officials were programming the lights for an opening ceremony and other upcoming events and holidays.

The kegnado's opening was scheduled for Sept. 12 at 6:30 p.m. -- with the public invited to witness the lighting ceremony.

According to the release, Lakefront’s food truck, the CurdWagon, will be on-hand, serving neon rainbow cheese curds. The Beer Hall will be tapping a new collaboration with Great Lakes Brewing Company called Coast to Costa -- a coffee blonde ale made with Costa Rican coffee beans.

The lighting will take place at 7:15 p.m.

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