Lake Park Bistro celebrates anniversary by recreating 100-year-old photo

MILWAUKEE (WITI) -- Friday, September 5th a visit to the park is also a chance to recreate history. Lake Park Bistro hoped to re-create a century old photo.

The scene in the early 1900's was photographed right outside the Lake Park Bistro restaurant. On Friday, Bartolotta's brought 120 volunteers in to re-create the photo in a modern setting.

Some things have changed over 100 years.

"We would re-create the photo using modern day dress and modern day people, just to do a juxtaposition of the early 1900's to the 2000's," said Jana Michaelis, Bartolotta's Creative Director.

Everyone involved received a complimentary reception after the photo was taken.

It was all in honor of Lake Park Bistro's 20th Anniversary.