Kyle Rittenhouse trial: Witness' other legal matters tied to Aug. 2020

The testimony of state witness Gaige Grosskreutz took up the majority of the court day on Monday, Nov. 8 in the Kyle Rittenhouse trial. This is not the only legal matter involving Grosskreutz and the events of that August 2020 evening.

Grosskreutz is suing the city and county of Kenosha in connection to the events that ended with him being shot. That federal civil rights lawsuit came up as part of Rittenhouse's defense team's cross-examination.

"I want you to try and put yourself back in the frame of that evening," said Thomas Binger, Kenosha County District Attorney.

Kenosha County Prosecutor Thomas Binger

Kenosha County Prosecutor Thomas Binger

During testimony on Monday, Grosskreutz, the state's key witness, said a statement made by Rittenhouse following the shooting of Joseph Rosenbaum made him recall an event earlier in the evening. 

While discussing that first verbal interaction with Rittenhouse, Grosskreutz had this to say.

"An individual I recorded, Mr. Balch, had described some sort of plan with the police," Grosskreutz said.

Ryan Balch testified last week saying he, along with several other people, traveled to Kenosha armed to protect property – and where they met Rittenhouse.

Ryan Balch

Ryan Balch

In a lawsuit filed in federal court in Milwaukee in October against the city and county of Kenosha, Grosskreutz alleges police allowed Rittenhouse and others to patrol the streets of Kenosha unchecked.

"In that document, you again fail to mention that you possessed a firearm?" asked Corey Chirafisi, Rittenhouse defense attorney.

"That is correct," Grosskreutz said.

Gaige Grosskreutz

Gaige Grosskreutz

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Rittenhouse's defense attorneys brought up the lawsuit – and a claim notice seeking $10 million.

"To be fair, this is your testimony today and how this case turns out has an impact on your ability to try to collect your $10 million, right?" asked Chirafisi.

"That is correct," Grosskreutz said.

After nearly four hours on the stand, Grosskreutz said little as he left the courthouse with his attorney Kimberley Motley.

"I think it was good you all got to hear his story. You got to hear about the experience of Gaige and what he was doing out that night," Motley said.

"How do you think the testimony today will affect the civil rights suit that you've filed?" asked FOX6's Bill Miston of Motley.

"Well, we're not here for the federal civil rights, we're here for the criminal case. And I think the fact of the matter is that Rittenhouse, we believe -- strongly believe -- he should be found guilty on all counts. And that our client Mr. Grosskreutz told the world what happened," Motley said.

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Obviously, that civil rights case and damages claims are not the issue at hand for the jury in the Rittenhouse trial. 

Kyle Rittenhouse

Kyle Rittenhouse

An attorney for the county and Kenosha County Sheriff David Beth, have said the allegations are false – and they will request a dismissal of the case.

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