Klement's for sale; so what happens to the Racing Sausages?

MILWAUKEE (WITI) -- The Klement's Sausage Company is for sale -- so what does that mean for the famous Milwaukee Brewers Racing Sausages?

Klement's Sausage Company has been family-owned since 1956, and employs hundreds in Milwaukee.

"Klement's has been a long standing institution in the Bay View area for a long time," Milwaukee Alderman Tony Zielinski said.

Klement's is headquartered in Zielinski's aldermanic district. He says he has had "numerous" conversations with the Klement family about the possibility of putting the company up for sale.

"We're in close communication with them. If it is sold to someone outside the family, we will hopefully -- we will continue that relationship with the new owner," Zielinski said.

Klement's Sausage Company employs nearly 500, and operates two production facilities in the Milwaukee area.

Klement's produces sausage, meat and deli products -- but it is likely best known for sponsoring the famous Klement's Racing Sausages at Milwaukee Brewers games.

"It's safe to say the Racing Sausages will remain -- irrespective of who the owners are," Zielinski said.

News of the sale comes roughly five months after Chief Executive Officer, John Klement retired after nearly five decades of service. Klement remains with the family business as Chairman of the Board.

A company spokesperson responded to FOX6's inquiries about the sale with "no comment."

For Zielinski, the "wurst" possible outcome would be a sale that requires the company to move from its current location.

"It's always a concern, but I doubt that would turn into reality. There's heavy investment in the infrastructure in the area. That part of the city is the hottest part of the city right now," Zielinski said.

In a study released this week, Zielinski says his district has the highest increase in property values in the region.

There is no word yet on possible buyers for Klement's.

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