Kleefisch will not challenge any recall signatures

MADISON (AP) -- Lt. Gov. Rebecca Kleefisch won't challenge any recall signatures against her.

Democrats want to force Kleefisch and five other Republicans, including Gov. Scott Walker, into recall elections later this year.They need 540,208 valid signatures against both Walker and Kleefisch to trigger elections against them. They turned in about 1 million signatures against Walker and about 845,000 against Kleefisch to the state Government Accountability Board in January.

Walker had until this past Monday to challenge any of the signatures. He chose not to question any, saying his campaign didn't have enough time to complete a review.

Kleefisch's challenge deadline is March 5. She told the GAB Thursday her campaign won't finish its review by then.

GAB has until March 19 to verify whether enough valid signatures exist to order elections.