Kittens stolen from Washington Co. Humane Society, officials say "we let our guard down"

WASHINGTON COUNTY (WITI) -- The Washington County Humane Society says two kittens were stolen from their shelter last week. Now they are asking for the public’s help for their safe return.

Officials say during open hours, a cage was accidentally left unlocked and unsupervised and 3 month old kittens Big Mac and Chicken Nugget were taken.

The two were found only weeks ago at a nearby McDonalds -- which is how they got their names.

“Unfortunately, this was one of those times we let our guard down,” said Kerry Conway with the Washington County Humane Society, “We're a group with a mission and we want to know they're going to a good home. We want to know the outcome, and it’s hard to trust that’s just going to happen when people stole them.”

Debra Bedore had grown attached to the two kittens when she fostered them for a week.

“I was just horrified!” said Bedore of learning of their disappearance. “They were exceptionally nice kitties and very attached to each other.”

She was also worried because the kittens were on medication for round worm.

“That's one thing we're very concerned about because if left untreated it can lead to other health issues,” said Conway.

Now they're asking for Big Mac and Chicken Nugget's safe return, no questions asked.

“We do have a cage outside that's covered in blankets and its got food and water in there and the people can simply bring the cats back,” said Conway.