'Kind of scary:' Man arrested after accidentally shooting 70-year-old friend while watching Packers

MILWAUKEE -- A Packers watch party ended with gunfire and an elderly man in the hospital Thursday night, Sept. 26 near Humboldt and Locust.

Though many were tuned into last night's game, eyes turned to the incident that unfolded around 9:15 p.m. Some residents say they heard a shot from the 9th floor.

"All of a sudden, police just pulled up in here," said Crystal Wilson, who lives in the building.

"Paramedics and fire cars everywhere," said Ranlando Gee, who lives in the building.

Evening routines and game time gatherings were cut short Thursday night after an incident inside of the Locust Court Apartments.

"It's kind of scary, and one of the neighbors did it," said Wilson.

Police say a 58-year-old man was in one of the units watching the Packers game with his friends when he shot a 70-year-old man who was watching the game with him.

"I'm kind of shocked," said Gee.

Authorities say the gunfire was accidental. The suspect was adjusting his gun from his waistband area when the shot was fired.

"He endangered other peoples' lives in here," said Gee.

The victim was struck in the right arm.

"We noticed that he was still talking," said Wilson. "He was moaning, but he was still alert."

An ambulance took the 70-year-old to the hospital to be treated.

"I hope it didn't hit a main artery or anything," said Wilson.

The man is expected to be okay. Meanwhile, the suspect is facing some legal trouble. He's a convicted felon for an offense that happened in 1978.

"If you are a felon or anything like that, you are not supposed to have any weapons at all," said Wilson. "I hope they do something to him. I hope for the future, things will change and they do get on people about these weapons.

FOX6 reached out to the housing authority about any possible policy violations and have not heard back. Police have not revealed the suspect's identity or past felony charge. The victim is in recovery.

Shooting near Humboldt and Locust in Milwaukee