Kiel community prepares for large turnout at Trooper Trevor Casper's memorial service

KIEL (WITI) -- A small community prepares for a big service. Kiel could see its population double on Sunday when it hosts a memorial service for Trevor Casper, the state trooper killed Tuesday, March 24th in a shootout with a suspected bank robber.

There will be a five hour visitation period starting at noon on Sunday, March 29th at Kiel High School, where Trevor Casper graduated less than four years ago. The memorial service will then begin at 5 p.m.

Officials are expected a huge turnout -- a sight that will be a stark contrast from what we saw downtown today.

On a quiet afternoon along the main drag in Kiel, the signs indicate a community in mourning.

"In Kiel, most people know everybody and it's because of that reason and the caring and love everybody feels for each other, and respect, that we felt it was important to do that," said Bob Schoenborn, knows Casper family.

Schoenborn runs a family jewelry store that has been in downtown Kiel since 1945. Like so many others in this town of about 3,700, he had heard of Trevor Casper long before the shooting.

"We know the family well, both his mom and dad and their extended family," said Schoenborn.

Kiel High School will host a public memorial service for Casper Sunday evening, March 29th.

On Monday, a state patrol procession will guide Casper's family to Saint's Peter and Paul Cemetery. That procession will roll down Fremont Street past Lulloff's Hardware Store where 5th generation employee Aly Lulloff says the store is now on its third shipment on blue bulbs.

"I guess it's like a silver lining that everyone, being such a tight-knit community, everyone can pull together and try to help those really affected by it -- try to rally and support them," said Lulloff.

Lulloff expects a scene similar to the one in 2009, when Kiel native Amy Krueger died in the shooting at Fort Hood, Texas.

"That, again, was another sad situation that shouldn't have happened," said Schoenborn.

Schoenborn says while it's a somber time in Kiel, on Sunday, the community will show just as much pride.

"The whole situation is just a sad and unnecessary situation to have happen but at the same time, we're proud of what he has done," said Schoenborn.

The Kiel police chief says he's heard form law enforcement agencies from as far as Massachusetts and Florida. They're asking for directions and lodging information as they plan on sending representatives to Kiel for the memorial service.