KFC only follows 11 people on Twitter for this brilliant reason

We're not sure if the guy who goes by the Twitter handle @edgette22 does any detective work on the side, but he may want to look into it.

Mashable reports the online sleuth made a startling find during what must have been a day filled with downtime, and it involves KFC's Twitter account.

"@KFC follows 11 people," he tweeted Thursday, before going on to detail exactly who those 11 are: "5 Spice Girls and 6 guys named Herb."

A quick glance on the KFC account confirms the findings, showing the accounts for Mel B, Victoria Beckham, and their former bandmates, as well as those for the half-dozen Herbs, including jazz musician Herb Alpert, Herb Sendek (the head coach for the men's basketball team at Santa Clara University), and Herb Scribner, a writer for the Deseret News.

Scribner, in fact, apparently noticed the KFC follow last month, per BuzzFeed, posting on Twitter he found the surprise follow "cute." All of this has earned the KFC account a compliment of "well played" from the AV Club; another commenter wonders if the herb-to-spice ratio has been officially revealed.

Meanwhile, Business Insider has ID'd "Edge" as Mike Edgette, a social media staffer for a PR firm, and while he's still letting this all sink in—"11 Herbs & Spices. I need time to process this"—he's also starting to feel the burden of sudden social-media fame.

"I feel like @carterjwm. Just without the free nuggets," he tweeted Friday, referencing the teen who caught Wendy's eye earlier this year with a viral tweet and earned a year's worth of chicken nuggets for his efforts.

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